What you need to do before international travel – The Traveler’s Checklist!

Traveling abroad can be a pretty daunting task. There are a lot of formalities needed to take care of such as passport, visa, flight bookings, hotel reservations, travel itinerary, international travel insurance cover, and the list goes on. In addition to these chores, a lot of effort and time is also needed to be spent on the planning part. Planning with regards to the places of visit, when to visit them, a list of must-do activities etc. is the need of the day when it comes to an international holiday.

In order to make your job easy, here’s a list of to-do things before you set off for the journey, the ultimate traveler’s checklist!

  • Check the Passport

When you are in a foreign country, a passport is the single most important piece of document that you need. Before leaving your house for the trip, or rather before kick starting your travel plans, make sure that you have a look at your passport thoroughly. Check the expiry date and ensure there are sufficient pages left in the booklet. In terms of validity, some countries require that your passport is valid for a minimum of six months from the day of arrival. So, do check about this too!

  • Plan for Finances

An international holiday can set you back by a significant sum of money. Thus it is important that you get the best out of your hard earned cash by prudent financial planning. Before leaving, try to get an idea of the cost of things that you would need beforehand. This will ensure you don’t pay more than the actual prices. Also, very importantly, don’t forget to inform your bank about your trip to avoid your credit/debit card getting blocked when you transact abroad.

  • Get International Driving Permit

Your local driving license won’t be valid abroad. If you do not want to miss the fun of driving in picturesque woods or just want to breeze through the city roads, make sure you get the international license.

  • Make copies of important documents

Make sure you have a coloured copy of the passport have it stored somewhere safe. Additionally, email a digitally scanned copy of the same to yourself along with visa, booking receipts, tickets, travel insurance policy etc. This is a fail-safe in case you lose your bag or if it gets stolen.

  • Vaccination and Medicines

This is very essential, especially if you are planning to stay in remote places. Before visiting, some countries require you get vaccinated. Check the CDC’s website for information on this. When it comes to medicines, make sure you have stocked up for your prescription medication for the entire trip duration. Also, carry a basic first-aid kit for emergencies.

  • Learn the local language

This is very helpful if you are visiting a non-native English speaking country. It is a good idea to learn to speak common phrases in the local language, especially if you are in the countryside.

  • Get Travel Insurance

Visiting a foreign land is not without its fair share of risks. While you can definitely be extra careful, there are things that are beyond your control. With overseas travel insurance, you secure yourself from any unforeseen events and stay insulated from the financial repercussions.

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