Houseboats of the Kashmir Valley

Kashmir’s beauty is rivalled by none. Each season that passes by its generously abundant terrain gives this jewel a gorgeous, new hue. What better way to explore it than by picking from one of the many Kashmir tour packages! As per Jammu and Kashmir’s Economic Survey 2016, 6.2 lakh people visited the state to take in its beauty. Among the several things to do in Kashmir, living in a houseboat is one of the most alluring and pleasant.

What to expect in a Kashmiri houseboat

Some Kashmiris live in houseboats; however, these floating havens also accommodate holiday goers and tourists. They resemble life-size dollhouses and are built to include about three or four bedrooms, attached bathrooms, a dining room, a drawing room, and a kitchen. Some even flaunt their own a terrace and offer Wi-Fi facilities. The boats look resplendent with 20th-century British motifs. They are generally furnished with Indian chintz, tasteful antiques, or luxury furniture that create an elegant ambiance. Some houseboats even boast of having hosted historical figures like Indira Gandhi, George Harrison, Ravi Shankar, and others.

During your Kashmir trip, you may look forward to other delights when floating on these wooden structures; and the scrumptious meals are one of them. You will usually be offered breakfast and dinner onboard. Most tourists prefer to eat lunch elsewhere as during the day most of them go sightseeing or shopping in Kashmir. It is always wise to plan your itinerary before selecting from the heaps of Kashmir tour packages as this could help save unnecessary expenditure.

Brief History

The concept of houseboats started as a result of a loophole in the law. Earlier, the British were not authorized to purchase land for building resorts. They were only allowed to reside on lakes. This caused a number of them to build houseboats or floating hotels. Today, these houseboats are used to boost Kashmir tourism.

Houseboat categories

Houseboats have different categories, including the deluxe, category A, category B, category C, category D, and category E. Do check the category of your houseboat in your Kashmir packages before you leave on your Kashmir holiday. You may find these houseboats on the Dal Lake, Nagin Lake, Tchuntikal, and Jehlum in Srinagar.

Keep an eye out for floating gardens and shops while cruising through the interiors of the Dal Lake. Even if you are not staying on a houseboat during your visit to India’s Paradise on Earth, these lakes are still one of the best places to visit in Kashmir. To avoid last-minute hassles, do book your holiday package along with your houseboat stay well in advance.


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