What is my go to travel brand?

What is my go to travel brand? I have been asked this question a lot and I have finally decided to write about the products I use the most in my travels. I had heard a lot about international travel brands like Osprey, Kathmandu, North Face etc but at the time I started backpacking, these were limited to sale only in big cities and were quite unaffordable for a young backpacker like me. So I decided to give our good old Wildcraft a chance. It is an India based brand that is sturdy, has longevity and is super affordable. I have been so happy with them that they have since become my favourite gear brand. And even though international products are available way more readily in the market, I prefer to stick to my old love. Here I list out my Wildcraft essentials and my absolute honest reviews of the same. Read on! 🙂

Rucksack for Trekking Rodhas 65L – Rs. 9999

My latest adventure was a 4 month stint across South America. I backpacked across 4 countries solo- Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. This meant I had to carry my life in that ONE backpack. I decided to go with the Rodhas 65 litre Trekking rucksack. If you follow my adventures on Instagram, you’ll probably have realised by now that I LOVE colours!! So of course I chose the most colourful rucksack I laid my eyes on- a bright red one with yellow and black straps.

Quite the beauty, yeah?

What I love the most about the rucksack is that it opens up in the front and at the top which means I can unpack and repack with the least amount of difficulty. I have always hated top loading backpacks as they are super messy and very irritating when it comes to unpacking. With 4 months living out of the pack, I was so happy I went with a front loading one. It also has bungee cords on the top to put your mat in, I decided to strap mine onto the bottom as my mat is thicker than usual. It also has an extendable hood, which usually carries my hiking boots. If you want you can also strap your boots onto the front of the pack by tying the laces onto the yellow bands. Image below.

Handy hack!

It also has an excellent rain cover which actually saved my backpack from getting wet in the Amazon rainforest rains. Trust me, if it can survive the rain in the deep Amazon rainforest, it can survive anything. They are called “rain” forests for a reason. The rain is savage to say the least. I sometimes hiked with my rain cover on as I didn’t want my backpack to get dirty. Its way easier to replace a rain cover than replace a backpack.

Hiking in the deep Amazon rainforest

I am a tiny person with height of about 5’2″. For me to carry a backpack especially one that is 65 litres is quite a task. Luckily for me, this particular backpack has straps that let you adjust the fit so it is snug against your torso. This helped me carry the backpack for longer distances without much discomfort.

Safe to say I was super happy with the choice of my backpack. Yay!

Unisex Rain Pro Jacket – Rs. 3495

Considering I was going to some of the most rain-intensive regions of the world like the Amazon rainforests in Ecuador and Bolivia and Sierra Nevada in Colombia, I had to invest in a kickass rain jacket. So I picked up this lovely unisex rain jacket from Wildcraft. It was completely water proof and also light and easy to carry. Honestly, I wore the hell out of this jacket. Not only did I wear it in the rain, but also to fight cold. It works great as a light jacket when there’s a slight nip in the air. The hoodie of course is a great save when its pouring rain out there and so are the zippable pockets. I usually used the pockets to carry my Sony RX 100 camera around. They are deceptively safe. Considering South America is known for pick pockets and robbers, I loved casually walking around with my valuables safely tucked into my pockets. So whether it was horse riding in the coffee plantations, or exploring the crazy street art, hiking up the beautiful Machu Picchu or cuddling with a baby alpaca, this rain jacket barely left me on my South American adventure.

Wildcraft Toiletry Kit for Travellers – Rs. 849

You might not realise it, but a great toiletry kit is a huge blessing when it comes to living in hostels for a long time. I had never owned a nice toiletry kit and it would end up being a constant source of irritation for me. Most hostel showers have hooks and no place to actually stack up your toiletries while taking a shower. This kit has a sturdy hook that you can just hang up and use. It is also kinda waterproof which means that even if you end up getting it wet, it dries off super fast. It has multiple straps that you can use to strap in mini shampoo bottles, conditioners etc. It also has a separate zip on the top which you can use for stuff you wanna keep dry like ear buds.

So here it was my review about the Wildcraft products I carried on my trip. Couldn’t recommend these enough for your adventures! 🙂


*This is a Sponsored Post but all thoughts and opinions are mine and completely honest.

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