Stuff I swear by while Backpacking the World

From dune bashing in a Martian desert to frolicking with alpacas, from a range of colourful Rainbow mountains to the miles of white salt flats, from down a deep canyon to up 17,000 feet, from playing with sea lions in the Galapagos to accidentally nudging an anaconda in the Amazon- my backpacking adventures have put me in some crazy interesting situations. There are some products that I absolutely swear by while on these mad adventures. Things that are practical, easy to carry and look great as well. So read on to find out what they are and why I love them so much!!

A Sturdy Backpack:

I couldn’t stress more on HOW important a good backpack is. You are literally living out of that backpack for months at a go! It has to be spacious, easy to carry and has to fit your body well so you don’t end up hurting your back. One thing I have learnt on my 4 month trip is that you should definitely reduce the amount of stuff you carry by half when you are leaving cause you’ll definitely end up accumulating a lot of stuff on the way. Be practical and don’t shy away from throwing away some things on the way. There are a range of backpacks available online so take your pick. Again, make sure to get something you are comfortable carrying around, maybe give it a test before the big trip.

A great Watch:

I carried a few Titan Raga watches with me on my trip to South America. They were so practical! Especially since their straps are made for daily use, they were super comfortable to wear for longer hours. I wore them out through the trip, on hectic treks, crazy hikes and while camping outdoors and they are still in mint condition after wearing them every single day for four months! They were especially helpful as I didn’t have to bother about them getting spoilt cause of light rain or sweat. They are perfectly practical watches for the adventurer in you and they come in a wide range so you can always team them up in exciting ways. And of course it is always advisable to carry a physical watch with you on treks. In case you run out of battery on your phone, you have this to keep track of time. Trust me, time flies when you are on a mad trek and there is no greater stress than reaching the campsite when it gets dark! So pick up that watch and keep your time!

I also carried a couple dressy watches that I could wear on slightly fancier occasions when I wasn’t busy being a hobo. I also used the best looking one for this fun, quirky photo op at the salt flats. I love the dial on this one. It looks so slick but at the same time is super comfortable to wear for long hours.

Good shoes

I got these lovely boots made by an old boot maker in Cusco, Peru. He let me choose the kind of suede, the material and the pattern I wanted it done in. He also put in special hiking soles so I could do some heavy duty hikes in those boots. They are super comfortable to wear and look kickass!!

Excitement and Openness 😀

See these are two things you CANNOT leave your home without. Be open to experiences, slightly more trusting towards yourself and do things that make you feel alive! 🙂

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